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boat restoration
boat restoration
boat restoration
boat restoration

The Ultimate Boat Protection

When it comes to restoring  your boat, you deserve a company that is going to take the steps necessary to get it looking new again. Boats take harsh damage from water, UV rays, and honestly from not washing it enough. We understand, it hard to wash a boat especially if you have it in the water all summer and then immediately winterize it when  boating season is over.

Boat Restoration includes: | Seat Conditioning | Paint Correction | Ceramic Coating | & More.

Clean Machines is dedicated to restoring your paint, seats, trim and more with our expert team. We’ve been in the business of restoring boats for 10+ years and we have the knowledge it takes to getting your boat back to looking nice again. Allow us the opportunity to provide you with our boat restoration services and you won’t regret it.

After receiving our detailing service, be sure to inquire about our other specialties. Click any of the below services to learn more.

Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction

Aircraft Ceramic Coating

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